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Worship Projects

Some time ago I started a project to write some biblical stories from an unusual slant. Here are the first two.

Daniel and the Lions Den:

Darius Den has music and a "dance" associated. If anybody is interested in the music and/or the dance please contact me. Listen to the music (so far) here

David and Goliath:

Elah has been written as a "story". The music is incomplete but is available to anyone who is interested - I got carried away writing the music such that it now needs adjusting to fit the words! It's just far too long. Any sketch is up to the user! An incomplete version of the music is here (the ending is rubbish!)

I have had ideas for other stories, Gideon seems to need a war correspondent, Jonah is just asking for a Cooks Tour Guide. That's a start. The whole concept was to introduce stories that followed the Bible, but with words in today's street language and set up so that people of all ages could have fun - and be challenged.

The story files provided are in PDF format.