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Here is my response to the question -
"What is pure worship - and should we use mechanics to achieve it"

Gizmos, or anything that does not lead a person to the cross or the throne of grace is a distraction. If we think in the way of the Orthodox Christians then we need to get hold of the mystery of God and worship in both awe and humility. This is the pure worship that transcends everything, and with the love that God has put in our hearts for His Son, that worship becomes as a living thing soaring as on wings of eagles. That is the worship that I desire.

Yet I know that we carry the burden of our families, our work, our relationships and our sin. So we need to be challenged to lay these down. Just like that song “Turn your eyes upon Jesus, Look full into His wonderful face, and the world will grow strangely dim, in the light of His glory and grace”. So I like to look to ways that challenge people to move closer to God, to seek forgiveness, to place their petitions before the throne. These aren’t experiments as such, because these challenges must be led by the Holy Spirit. If I try to control how people feel then everything is pure emotion, but if the Holy Spirit leads and convicts then there is true change.

As I have challenged others before, I recognize that when Jesus taught one of two things happened – lives were either changed or people encouraged in their faith. When the Apostle Paul taught lives were changed or the church was built up. Never anything in the middle. If you preach and lives weren’t changed or the church was not edified – then what was the point of preaching.

The same is true in a way for worship. If we can’t say that we have been able to come into the awesome presence of God, to kneel at His feet and say that we love Him – if we haven’t been able to do that in truth – then we better not have started in the first place.

Does that mean that every time I worship I get there? What about the times when I just don’t feel like worship or praise or thanksgiving? But we are commanded to do these things at all times – feeling doesn’t come into it – it has to be a sacrifice and in that sacrifice we are led into that very throne room.