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Responsibility of the Church

The responsibility...

How odd it is that in Act 2v47 we find, ""... And the Lord added to their number daily those who were being saved." This has a profound effect on (a) the structure of the "Church" and (b) the effectiveness of the "Church".

How often can we say that a Church has been added to daily. If we can't say that the "Church at " is not being added to daily then our Church is not being effective.

1 Cor. 1v18 says that the “cross is foolishness” to the unsaved – how can we then preach revival by the cross? We are wasting our breath if all we do is preach foolishness!!

1 Cor. 13v13 gives us the three core components of spiritual life, “Faith”, “Hope” and “Love”. Most people can understand faith and already have faith in something… but many are without hope and love.

 The Bible clearly teaches that Jesus Christ is the only way to Salvation – there is no other. Allah, Buddha, Mohammed – all of these are vain Gods, false Gods – they do not acknowledge the Jesus is the Son of God so how can they be related to God??

“Jesus Loves You, God has a plan for your life”. Is this the message that people are seeking – it provides hope (a plan), it provides the love that is so often craved and not received.