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Worship Thoughts

I no longer think of worship as that period on a Sunday evening when we come together and sing a few songs and read a few prayers. In fact I have never seen it as that! My worship has to be an expression of my heart to what God has done for me, for what he is doing for me and for what he is going to do. It is an appreciation of the Love of our Lord Jesus; it is a rapture that is present through the blessing of the Holy Spirit. If worship is “Worth Ship” then somehow I have to show how much God is worth to me.

If I love Jesus, how can I not praise Him, how can I not give Him glory? When everything seems to be going wrong, when everybody seems to be against me can I not rest on the Rock that is my Salvation?

If only I could not let my failings, my weaknesses, my SIN get in the way. I must always acknowledge that I come short of what He desires, I must repent of those times when I wilfully ignore His commandments. I must not let any glory fall on me but on the Lord who gave me this life, endowed me with gifts and talents.

When I pray, “Come Holy Spirit, Come!” I must not put conditions on his blessing; I must expect that He will come in great power, in healing and renewal. When I pray, “Lord I need you!” I must not try and fight the battle in my strength. He is my Counsel, he is my Comforter, he is my Peace – he is my Redeemer and he is my Lord.

If I pray marvellous prayers, sing great songs, play wonderful music, dance with great joy and do not have his Love, do not show his Love, do not live his Love then I am nothing. Let me pray, “Lord let me love extravagantly, exuberantly, without considering the cost!”

What is this but worship? It is a reflection in my life of what God’s worth is to me….