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Sabbath Questions

Following a question about the messianic Sabbath that some are suggesting is correct, I wrote this to a friend:

I think we have to be careful here. If we are not careful we put the WHOLE body of Christ under judgement, under a curse because we could say the WHOLE body of Christ is in error. This is clearly not true. The Sabbath (the 7th day) is the observance of the OT day of rest. And yes, it hasn't been repealed - but don't forget - WE ARE NOT UNDER THE LAW, WE ARE UNDER GRACE. If the Love that we have for our Lord revealed in our hearts says that we are to rest from our labours on the 7th day, so be it, but we are to do it in Love for Him. If the body of Christ meets on the 1st day (for whatever reason) and has made that day HOLY, and God comes in power and we feel His presence in the worship on the 1st day how can we condemn it? Do we tell 99.9% of the church - the BRIDE of Christ - you've got it wrong? Do we tell God that He should minister to His people on a Sunday because that's not the right day? We have already agreed that the "worship" on the 1st day is in many ways, and for many people, not a day of rest! So perhaps we come down to the fact, we as part of that Body of Christ, that Bride of Christ, should worship with the rest of the saints on the 1st day, and if we so believe in our hearts (not just our minds) that we must have a day of rest on the seventh day - great!

However, the foundation I get down to, is very similar to that short message that I forwarded to you - where is our heart? Is our heart fervently, joyfully, expectantly, urgently, awaiting the Lord's return? Do we feel the imminence? Or have we said, "Well you're not coming back today so I know I can get the oil for my lamp tomorrow" ? There were a number of things that were coming to me throughout the day, and I think this applies to all of us.

  1. Who are we living each moment for? We see that, in the Old Testament God commanded, God said, God guided. Not, I do my best for Jesus. Since that is my will, my guidance, my control. If we follow the Pauline letters then surely it is Christ within us who should be in control. Have we died enough to allow the resurrected Jesus to live within and through us? Paul says, "It is no longer I that liveth, BUT CHRIST who liveth in me". We need to die a little more - we are still in control.
  2. Are we really expecting the Lords return? If not, why not.
  3. [more of a feeling] Why am I not so in love with Jesus that everything else fades into the background. When you first met your wife, you looked into her eyes and there was nobody else in the room no matter how many people were present. But over time we have lost that focus, we have lost that first love. How can (1) and (2) above mean anything unless we love the Lord Jesus. Yes we know He is Lord. Satan knows that. But do we LOVE HIM. He laid down His life for us - would we willingly, without hesitation do the same? Do we realise, when God speaks to us, if we hesitate to do His will, THAT IS SIN, that is disobedience. It's no good saying, "I would like confirmation of this, preferably in writing, in triplicate, before I do anything", any delay is SIN. Do we repent of our hesitancy?