Paul's Place

My Place of reflection, joy and wonder

Are you ready for the presence of God?

Lord, I acknowledge you as the sovereign God:
The King, the Righteous One, the Redeemer.

You hold in your hand the Authority above all, and out of your mouth comes
Judgement against those whose names are not written in the Book of Life.

Lord, I lay before you the past week,
Cleanse my heart of the all those things that hold you back.

Please forgive me, I repent of the times hat I wilfully disobeyed your word.
Erase any evil thing that holds me back and fill me with your Spirit of Peace.

Prepare me for your Spirit’s gracious enjoinment,
anoint my praise with your oil of gladness.

Let the worship that proceeds from my heart be filled with love for you,
a sweet smelling fragrance breaking through the courtyards of heaven.

Soar with me, from heaven to heaven,
on wings of eagles to empower me so I can but tell of your Love.

Teach me your ways that I may be a temple that shines with your Glory.

Thank you Lord, for being the Christ, for saving even me.
Thank you Lord, for being the Healer who brings Life to a sin-sick world.

Thank you Lord.