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Liturgical Example: Creed

A Responsive Creed

Church, What is your Faith?

We believe that Jesus Christ,
the Son of the Almighty God became Man.
Jesus died on a cross bearing our sins.
He was raised up and reigns with the Father God.
The Holy Spirit has been given
to counsel, guide and heal us.
He empowers our daily lives.

Church, What is your Hope?

We believe that Jesus will
return again in Glory and
raise us up to be with Him.
He has forgiven our sins
and given us a new life
that we might be heirs with Him.

Church, What will you do?

We shall give Him the glory!
We shall praise Him with joy!
Each day we will thank Him,
We shall honour Him with our lives
And eagerly pass on the good news
Jesus is the only answer, and the only way for Life.

© Paul Newlin