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Age of Words

This is a selection of most of the poems and other bits that I have written over the years. It covers the worst and the best, highs and lows, secular and faith!

Time has passed since much of this was written, and some of it I look back on and see someone who still had so much to learn about life. May be I need to find the rose-tinted glasses again, and may be I need to hold out my hand to the Saviour again and say "Love me?".

Previously a few selected poems were a part of the website, now the complete works is now available in Adobe PDF format and Microsoft Word format.

Just one of the many is below:

The Light

Sky upward reaching
Flower blossom like
Seeking the Light.

Come take my heart,
Rebuild it, mould it,
To love shape, love beat.
Take my mind and
Straighten crooked paths
Of confusion stride my brain.

Star spanning open
Spaces of darkness
Seeking the Light.

Take my feet
And point the walking
In the Lighter Way,
Take my voice
Tongue sword,
Words you say. 

Son loving.
Goal strike.
Pointing to the Light.